Technological Prowess

Online Portal Based Assessments:

  • IAssess has built a dynamic and robust technology platform that fulfils all the requirements of the different SSCs like logical navigation of students through the test, multi-tagging of questions, Geo-tagging of assessor and assessments, Multi-Language option, Time stamping and assessment log and advanced monitoring and proctoring tools like periodic photos of candidate, alerts for any malpractice by the candidate, etc.
  • The platform has in-built text-to-speech and live proctoring features.
  • SSC logins provided for live monitoring of assessments.
  • Powerful Result module to ensure availability of overall assessment results as well as NOS-wise, PC-wise, Question-wise result analysis.
  • Detailed SOP Document in place for adhering to guidelines given by various SSCs and Skill Development bodies for conduct of assessments.
  • Data stored on server with DRMS (Disaster Recovery Management System).
  • All question banks are prepared as per detailed QP to ensure adherence to Bloom’s Taxonomy and the norms laid down by different sector skill councils.

Offline Tab-based and Smartphone-based Assessments:

  • IAssess has built a mobile application which is used for pre-activated tests in areas with poor internet connectivity. The application works in both tablets as well as smartphones.
  • The app is designed in such a way that the questions can be downloaded on the device before hand, but it can be accessed by the assessor only on the day of the assessment. This ensures that the question paper is not leaked before the exam.
  • The app is equipped with advanced features for geo-tagging of assessor and candidates, candidates photos, proctoring features, etc to ensure ethical and fair assessments.

Offline Automated OMR Based Assessments:

  • This mode of assessment is used in situations where the councils specifically instruct us to conduct a manual / pen-paper assessment. In this, we use a special OMR sheet to record the marks of the candidates.

Special Note on Text-to-speech and Live Proctoring Features

IAssess has incorporated live proctoring feature that enables complete online delivery of assessments right in the homes of the candidates. The platform through some advanced technology used, captures the photo of the candidates every 30 seconds while he/she is attempting the theory paper and provides an interactive platform for the assessor and candidate to interact for a viva session to evaluate their grasp of practical aspects of the subject.

  • SSC and IAssess SPOC can view and record Viva and Practical assessment. Live Proctoring of Theory assessment is being worked on
  • Text-to-Speech feature is available for theory assessment in English and Regional Languages
  • Periodic capturing of candidate’s photos throughout the theory assessment.
  • The app captures all the activities of the candidate during the assessment.
  • Once the assessment starts, the candidate cannot leave the screen till the exam is over, thereby preventing any possible malpractice.